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International cargo transportation carried out by our company provides a full range of related services. We try to ease and symplify labor and time costs for our customers in most efficient way and provide so-called "door-to-door" service. Road, air, railway and sea transportations can offer full service, including consulting services and customs clearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the owner of the vehicle?

Forel Trans provides transportation and logistics services, meaning that the company does not have owned vehicle fleet. However we work exceptionally with transportation providers verified by specific criteria and we are fully responsible for cargo safety and delivery timeline.

Consolidated cargo from Europe?

Forel Trans does not specialize on truck shipment of consolidated cargo. On an exceptional basis we provide such services to our long-term clients but in very rare cases

What does 4PL mean?

This service provides the opportunity to receive goods on "door-to-door" basis without delving into and without participating in such processes as supplier search, price negotiation, delivery terms and customs clearance. All you need is to specify particular product need, agree on price at buyer's stock and make payment upon goods receipt

Do you need language support, interpreting services?

We have staff with high level of competence in European languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, English. We perform language support services for external economic deals. The obligatory condition is execution of transportation orders in our company.

Do you need air cargo transportation?

Air cargo shipment from China, Hong Kong (only for legal entities). The weight of the parcel is from 1 kg. We assist with goods receipt and delivery to consolidated store in foreign territory. We perform services related to customs formalities in terms of import and delivery to the receiver (personal customs terminal visit is not required).

Do you need custom clearance support?

We provide customs and related clearance services in countries of origin, transit, destination (EX, A, T1, EAN, IM(import)/ EX(export), the Customs Union).

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We appreciate objective feedback and always ready to consider interesting comments and proposals. site@forel.by

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